Act_9 - 33 Name _________________________ Section...

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Unformatted text preview: 33 Name _________________________ Section _________________________ Period 9 Activity Sheet: Power Activity 9.1: How Much Power Do Appliances Require? a) Light Bulbs : Connect the small hand-cranked generator to the 4-bulb tray. Compare how easily the crank turns when 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 bulbs are lit. When is the crank easiest to turn and when is it most difficult to turn? b) Appliances: Use a wattmeter to measure the power requirements of the light bulb, the hair dryer on low and high settings, the toaster, and mixer. Record your measurements and compare them to the power requirements (the wattage) listed on the appliances. Appliance Power Measurement Appliance Wattage Light Bulb Hair dryer (high) Hair dryer (low) (no wattage rating is given) Toaster Mixer c) Electric Drill: 1) Measure the power requirement of the drill. ___________________ 2) Measure again while squeezing the drill bit with the hand clamp. _____________ 3) Explain any difference in power requirements. Activity 9.2: How Much Power Do You Use for Daily Activities? a) The Stairs: Using the classroom stairs, a timer, a meter stick, and the scale, find the power a member of your group requires to climb the stairs. 1) Measure the person’s weight in newtons ( 1 lb = 4.45 newtons). ________________ 2) Measure the height of the stairs in meters (1 ft = 0.305 m). ________________ 3) Measure the time in seconds needed to climb the stairs. _________________ 4) Calculate the person’s gain in potential energy from climbing the stairs....
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Act_9 - 33 Name _________________________ Section...

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