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37 Name _________________________ Section _________________________ Period 10 Activity Sheet: Electric Charge and Force Activity 10.1: How Do Electric Charges Exert Forces? a) Evidence of Electric Forces: 1) Your instructor will show you how to give a Styrofoam ring an electric charge by rubbing it between two pieces of foam. What happens when you place the charged ring on the table and hold the foam square above the ring? 2) Rub a plastic rod with a second piece of foam to give the rod an electric charge. Charge the Styrofoam ring again as you did in part 1). Float the Styrofoam ring above the rod. Why does the ring float? b) Electric Force and Gravitational Force : 1) We have learned that the force of gravity is always an attractive force. Based on your experiments in part a), is the electrical force always attractive? How do you know? 2) The Styrofoam ring you floated in part a) has a mass of 0.0065 grams or 6.5 x 10 -6 kg. a) When the ring floats, what two forces act on the ring? ______________________ b) Calculate the amount of electrical force that supports the ring when it floats. ______________ 3) If you floated a ring that had twice the mass but kept the same charges on the rod and ring, would the ring float higher above the rod, closer to the rod, or at the same distance from the rod? __________ Why? c) Group Discussion Question: When you rub the plastic rod with foam, where does the charge on the rod come from? Do you “create” charge when you rub the rod? Does the piece of foam end up with a charge? Activity 10.2: What Happens When Charge is Separated? a)
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Act_10 - Name Section Period 10 Activity Sheet Electric...

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