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41 Name ___________________________ Section ____________________ Period 11 Activity Sheet: Electric Current Activity 11.1: How Can Electric Charge Do Work? Your instructor will demonstrate a Wimshurst machine, which separates electric charge. a) Describe what happens to the hanging soda cans as electric charge from the Wimshurst machine flows onto the cans. Explain how the separated charge does work on the cans. b) Why do you see sparks between the cans or between the balls of the Wimshurst machine? Activity 11.2: What is an Electric Circuit? a) Lighting a bulb Arrange one battery, one connecting wire, and one small light bulb (not in a tray), so that the bulb lights. You may need to try several different arrangements. 1) Draw a diagram showing your arrangement of the battery, wire and bulb that worked. 2) Explain why did this arrangement worked and other arrangements you tried did not. b) Circuit in a flashlight In part (a), you found how to light a bulb with a battery and one wire. A flashlight uses the same principle. Examine a flashlight to find the path that the current takes. 1) Draw a diagram of the flashlight showing the path the current follows. 2) If a flashlight does not work, it must have an open circuit. List problems that could cause an open circuit in a flashlight. ( Note : please put the flashlight back together.) c) Plumbing Analogies Your instructor will demonstrate plumbing analogies for circuits. Fill in the electrical concepts represented by the plumbing display. 1) Water _______________ 4) Plastic tubes __________________ 2) Flowing water _______________ 5) Narrow plastic tubes _______________ 3) Water pressure _______________ 6) Pump __________________ d) Group Discussion Question: Are charges “used up” to make a bulb light? If not, what happens to make it light?
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42 Activity 11.3: What is Electric Current? a)
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Act_11 - Name _ Section _ Period 11 Activity Sheet:...

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