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53 Name ___________________________ Section ________________________ Period 14 Activity Sheet: Electrical Safety and Transmission Activity 14.1: How Do Fuses and Circuit Breakers Prevent Fires? a) Fuse Demonstration with a Short Circuit Connect a piece of solder and a four bulb tray in series to a step-down transformer using connecting wires. Solder is thin wire with a low melting point that represents a fuse in this activity. The transformer lowers the voltage to a safe level. Note the brightness of the bulbs. Then create a short circuit by attaching a connecting wire between points A and B. 1) How does the path of the current change after you attach the wire between point A and point B? Describe what happens to the circuit when you add the connecting wire. 2) Which has greater resistance – the bulb tray or the wire connecting A and B? Explain how you know. 3) What happens to the current flowing through a circuit if the circuit resistance is decreased? How can this cause an electrical fire? b) Fuse Demonstration with an Overloaded Circuit Your instructor will demonstrate an overloaded circuit with a fuse. Describe what happens as more bulbs in the circuit are lit. c) How Can Fuses Prevent Fires? 1) How is connecting more light bulbs in a circuit similar to shorting a wire across a bulb? 2) Circuit breakers serve the same purpose as fuses. Explain how fuses and circuit breakers prevent electrical fires. Activity 14.2: Which Safety Devices Can Prevent Electric Shock? a) Polarized and Three Prong Plugs Make sure that the electric power strip on your table is connected to the ground fault interrupter above the table. To determine which of the two slots in an outlet in your power strip is “hot,” connect one wire of a neon test light to
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Act_14 - Name Section Period 14 Activity Sheet Electrical...

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