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per1 - Chapter 1 Introduction to the World of Energy Goals...

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1 Chapter 1: Introduction to the World of Energy Goals of Period 1 Section 1.1: To introduce The World of Energy Section 1.2: To define ratios and “per” Section 1.3: To review scientific notation Section 1.4: To introduce energy sources Section 1.5: To define and illustrate linear and exponential growth 1.1 Introduction to the World of Energy The World of Energy courses explore the basic principles of physics in the context of energy use. The courses include practical examples from everyday life to help you use energy safely and wisely. They help prepare you to make rational, informed decisions regarding energy policy, the environment, and your own place in the changing World of Energy. The World of Energy courses, Physics 103 and 104, are a 10-credit hour, two-quarter sequence that fulfill the GEC physical science requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree at The Ohio State University. The World of Energy uses a hands-on approach to investigate physics concepts, energy use, and the effects of its use on our environment. Through class activities and demonstrations, the World of Energy gives students an opportunity to experience first hand the laws of physics. Physics concepts are conveyed by your instructor, this textbook, activity sheets completed during class, and weekly lecture videos. Class Activities During two 2-hour classes per week, your instructor will explain physics concepts, present demonstrations, and introduce hands-on activities to illustrate these concepts. To help organize, understand, and remember the information from the demonstrations and class activities, students complete and turn in activity sheets during each class. Students must be present for the full class period to receive credit for an activity sheet unless excused by the instructor. Activity sheets are found in Part I of the Physics 103 Activity Book . Lectures In addition to attending two 2-hour classes per week, students attend a 1-hour lecture. At most lectures, you will see a video or hear a speaker discussing energy use. These videos and lectures are an important part of the course. They explain physics principles and help relate these principles to the role of energy in everyday life. A list of questions for each video is included in Part II of the Physics 103 Activity Book. These questions help students identify important concepts in the videos. Answers to these video questions are not handed in. Instead, students write and turn in a summary of at least two paragraphs of each lecture video. The dates of the lectures are given in the course syllabus. Midterm and final exams will include questions based on the material in the lectures.
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2 Examinations The course examinations consist of two midterms of 30 questions each and a comprehensive final examination of 45 questions. All exam questions are multiple choice. Midterm exams are given during the lecture hour. The dates of the examinations are given in the course syllabus. No make-up examinations will be given.
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