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1/16/05 1 Name: ___________________________________ Section: ______________ Activity Sheet 5: Thermal Energy, the Microscopic Picture 5.1 How Is Temperature Related to Molecular Motion? 1) Temperature Your instructor will discuss molecular motion and temperature. a) At a particular temperature, do all of the molecules move at the same speed? b) How does the average speed of molecules at a higher temperature differ from their average speed at a lower temperature? c) Watch the demonstration of diffusion of food coloring in beakers of warm and cold water. Explain the differences in the diffusion rates. 2) Evaporative Cooling What happens to the temperature of a liquid as it evaporates? Your instructor will demonstrate a cool tube (a cryophorus tube) that contains water. a) What happens when one end of the tube is cooled with liquid nitrogen? b) The middle of the tube remains near room temperature. Explain why the water in the tube’s bulb freezes. c) Group Discussion Question: When you put a pot of water on the stove to heat to boiling, why does the water come to a boil faster if you put a lid on the pot? 3) The Dippy Duck The dippy duck contains liquid freon, which evaporates easily at room temperature. Wet the head of the duck and place the cup of water in front of the duck’s head. Explain what happens to the dippy duck in terms of evaporative cooling and the center of mass of the duck.
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1/16/05 2 4) Rates of Evaporation a) Note the temperature of each thermometer while it is immersed in liquid. Remove the thermometers from the test tubes and allow the thermometers to lie on your table for several minutes. Then check and record their temperatures. Initial Temp
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Act_5 - Name Section Activity Sheet 5 Thermal Energy the...

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