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exam2-review - Types of Questions 1 Writing and/or tracing...

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Exam Topics 1) Recursion 2) Sorting: Quick Sort 3) Linked Lists (Main operations and different implementations) 4) Stacks 5) Lab material How to study: 1. Look at the lecture notes. 2. Solve the questions in the old exam. 3. Review all of the programs assigned in class. 4. Skim over the text, looking for basic algorithmic ideas.
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Unformatted text preview: Types of Questions: 1) Writing and/or tracing recursive functions. 2) Tracing sorting algorithms. 3) Writing and/or tracing functions to manipulate linked lists. 4) Stacks: infix to postfix conversion, postfix evaluation, and tracing operations. Also different implementations of stacks. 5) Summations...
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