integer - /* * * * * File: integer.h -This interface...

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/* File: integer.h * --------------- * This interface defines an abstraction for huge integers. * It provides several functions to read, print, and do * simple arithmetic on big intgers. */ /* These two lines are used by the compiler in order not to * compile this file more than once.*/ #ifndef _bigint_h # #define _bigint_h # /* * Type: integer * ------------- * The type integer is used in this interface to indicate * that an integer is a pointer to an integerNode. The * concrete definition of integerNode must be given in your * program. */ typedef struct integerNode *integer; t /* * Function: ReadInteger * Usage : myint = ReadInt(); * -------------------------- * This function reads digits of an integer one by one * and builds a linked list by allocating new memory space * for each digit. The function returns a pointer to this * newly created linked list. * The function skips leading spaces (blanks, carriage * return, tabs) and leading zeros while reading the * integer. The function reads the digits of the large
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integer - /* * * * * File: integer.h -This interface...

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