list - /*/ /* FILE: list.H */ /*/ #ifndef LIST_H #define...

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/************************************************************/ /* FILE: list.H */ /************************************************************/ #ifndef LIST_H #define LIST_H #include <iostream.h> /********************************************************************** * FIGarray: * * Templated array-based list. It resizes itself as necessary. * Constructor lets you specify the expected size, which is * useful for large arrays (as it improves efficiency in that * case). **********************************************************************/ template <class Type> class FIGarray { protected: Type* _array; // pointer to the data int _num; // number of elements in the array int _max; // max elements for currently allocated array // realloc() is called automatically as necessary // when the array runs out of room. twice as much // memory is allocated as previously, and old data // is copied to new memory. old memory is deleted: void realloc() { Type* tmp; _max *= 2; if((tmp = new Type [_max]) == 0)
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list - /*/ /* FILE: list.H */ /*/ #ifndef LIST_H #define...

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