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Algorithms What is an algorithm? How does an everyday algorithm differ from a computer algorithm? How are they similar? How do you describe an algorithm? What makes a “good” algorithm? Levels of abstraction, modularization. Steps in the development of algorithms. Algorithmic components: data structures, data manipulation instructions, conditional expressions, control structures, modules. Basic tools for building algorithms: data and operators. Rules for identifiers in C. Declaration of constants. Know how to declare integers, doubles, and characters as well as the standard operations used to manipulate these data types. The assignment statement in C. Know how it works and how to use it. Basic input and output in C: scanf and printf . Algorithmic decisions. The if and if-else statements in C. Relational operators: <, >=, ==, <=, <, != Boolean operators: && (and), || (or), as well as ! (not). Know their truth tables. Be able to evaluate arithmetic and Boolean expressions using the precedence of the operators. Nested conditional statements. Nested if statements. Nested if-else statements. Be able to trace through code using these types of statements as well as being able to write code using them. Algorithmic Complexity Asymptotic notation. What’s considered and what isn’t. Big-Oh notation. Omega notation. Theta notation. Little-Oh notation. Exam #1 Review Notes - 1 Exam #1 Review Notes
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Summations. Know the following: = = = = + = = + = + = n 1 i n 0 i n 1 i n 0 i 1 n 1 n 1 2 ) 1 n ( n i 2 ) 1 n ( n i Number Systems Know number systems, binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal. Know conversions between any of these number systems.
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review1 - Exam#1 Review Notes Algorithms What is an...

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