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Bedbugs - o move bed away from wall wear long night clothes...

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Bedbugs Why they’ve spread o discontinuing use of DDT o Limited use of malathion o more travel o extensive market of used items Myths and facts about bedbugs o Too tidy to get bedbugs False – cleanliness doesn’t stop them because they don’t need a dirty place to live, just clutter. o I can’t see them around 5 mm long – able to see them o They can live up to a year and a half without a meal True- bugs try to feed every 3-7 days Most bedbugs double their weight with every blood meal ½ of blood meal is passed through the gut within 5 hours of feeding Bedbugs will transmit diseases to me if I am bitten False. – Human disease have been found in bedbugs, but no evidence that they can transmit human pathogens Finding Bedbugs o Could be anywhere o they hide easily in cracks and crevices o Cast exoskeletal shells o telltale signs include smell (sweet musty odor) and little fecal spots Control/elimination o Clean everything, remove all clutter, vacuuming, steam cleaning,
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Unformatted text preview: o move bed away from wall, wear long night clothes, Stand legs of bed in soapy water, use repellent o Spot treatment of insecticides • Bedbug Life History o Will feed on birds, mice and bats o Duration from egg to adult – 5 weeks to 4 months o Adults live about 10 months o A meal takes about 5 minutes o Hypothesized that humans picked up bedbugs from bats o Males require blood meal before copulation, females before oviposition o Normally feed at night o Are attracted to CO2 and body heat o Saliva contains anticoagulants and anesthetics • Populations have been known to grow from 40 to 6000 in only 6 months • Traumatic Insemination o penis shaped like a hypodermic needle o reduces longevity and reproductive success in females o conclude that traumatic insemination is probably a coercive male copulatory strategy that results in a sexual conflict of interests o males often jab other males have developed structures similar to females...
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