001 scm 00001 scm stable above 146 c bcc arrangement

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Unformatted text preview: low 146 C Wurtzite Structure (tetrahedral coordination) = 0.001 S/cm 0.0001 S/cm Stable above 146 C BCC Arrangement of I-, molten/ disordered Ag+ ~ 1 S/cm, EA=0.05 eV Conductivity decreases on melting Highest known conductivity at room temperature BCC Arrangement of I-, molten/disordered Ag+ ~ 0.25 S/cm (25 C), EA=0.07 eV Chem 754 - Solid State Chemistry -AgI -AgI RbAg4I5 Na+ Ion Conductors FCC like packing of oxygen Every fifth layer of the O2- ions are missing, Na+ ions present. These layers are sandwiched between spinel blocks. 2D ionic conductor NaAl7O11 (Na2O.nAl2O3) Framework of corner sharing ZrO6 octhahedra and PO4/SiO4 tetrahedra Na+ ions occupy trigonal prismatic and octahedral sites, of the Na+ sites are empty EA ~ 0.3 eV Na3Zr2PSi2O12 (NASICON) Chem 754 - Solid State Chemistry 8...
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