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Unformatted text preview: -O Distances Fe(Mn) LaMnO3 2 1.907(1) 2 2.178(1) 2 1.968(1) SrFeO3 6 1.92 Fe(Mn)-O-Fe(Mn) Angles Fe(Mn) Fe(Mn) CaFeO3 Octahedral tilting and decreased covalency both narrow the * (eg) band. (e This leads to electron localization and a cooperative Jahn-Teller Distortion Jahn155.48(5) 155.11(5) SrFeO3 180 Chemistry 754 - Solid State Chemistry 8 LaMnO3-Cooperative Jahn Teller Dist. eg t2g Mn3+ Symmetric MnO6 Mn3+ dx2-y2 dz2 t2g EF dx2-y2 (*) dz2(*) t2g(*) dx2-y2 (*) dz2(*) t2g(*) Jahn-Teller JahnDistortion DOS Orthorhombic Structure Pronounced Jahn-Teller JahnDistortion All Mn atoms equivalent Localized t2g & eg electrons...
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