Eg t2g mn3 symmetric mno6 mn3 dx2 y2 dz2 t2g ef dx2

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Unformatted text preview: Semiconductor Chemistry 754 - Solid State Chemistry CaFeO3-Charge Disproportionation Fe-O Distances FeCaFeO3 2 1.919(2) 2 1.927(2) Ca 2 1.919(1) SrFeO3 6 1.92 Fe-O-Fe Angles FeCaFeO3 158.1(1) 158.4(2) Octahedral tilting narrows * (eg) (e band, leads to electron localization! SrFeO3 180 Chemistry 754 - Solid State Chemistry 9 Soft Mode Condensation (290 K) eg t2g eg t2g Fe3+ eg eg t2g Fe5+ t2g Oxygen shift alters crystal field splitting Localizes the eg electrons Drives Metal to Semiconductor Transition Chemistry 754 - Solid State Chemistry 10...
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