Fingerprints of Atoms

Fingerprints of Atoms - o Electrons can be kicked up to...

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Fingerprints of Atoms Electrons have discrete energy levels o Outer levels have more energy than inner levels o Electron either recognizes the photon or it doesn’t It will recognize it if it has the energy equal to the energy of a higher energy level If it doesn’t have the right energy it will pass right through it Electron can’t take part of the photon’s energy The emission of photons can happen in any direction o Get emission of photon (excess energy) if electron jumps down to a lower energy level o When an electron receives a photon to go out of the energy levels it will Atom becomes a positively charged ion
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Unformatted text preview: o Electrons can be kicked up to higher levels if hit hard enough o Each neutral element and ionized element produces a unique pattern of lines (like a fingerprint) Allows you to identify elements in the universe QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompresso are needed to see this picture. difference between energy levels o If you look at glowing clouds of gas you can also tell what they’re made of If you look at it from the side you’ll see the protons that the cloud of gas is absorbing from other stars, and if you look at it from another angle you can see what they’re emitting...
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