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BIO 180 McCague File-001 Name ________________________ Section _______________________ Investigation of Pre-Cells: Coacervates One of the essential features of living things is the development of an outer membrane that separates them from the external world. In water solution substances made up of large molecules (i.e. proteins and carbohydrates) spontaneously come together under proper chemical conditions to form “pre-cells”. These first structures or “pre-cells” were investigated extensively by the Russian biochemist, A. I. Oparin between 1924 and 1936. Oparin referred to these first structures as being coacervates. The name is derived from a Latin work meaning “heaped” or “clustered”. Materials Needed: 1. 1 large test tube + stopper 6. Microscope slides and cover slips 2. Stock gelatin solution 7. Microscope 3. Stock gum arabic solution 8. Test tube racks 4. Dropper bottle of 0.1M HCl 9. Graduated cylinder 5. pH paper Experimental Procedure: Working in groups of twos, follow these steps carefully and in the sequence in which they appear. You may find it helpful to do each step individually and occasionally
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File-001 - BIO 180 File-001 McCague Name _ Section _...

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