File-008 - ______ 8. X-rays, viruses and radioactive...

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BIO 119 McCague File-008 Quiz #5 Name: ________________________ General Bacterial Physiology A series of salt solutions are set up as shown below. Each solution contains a bacterial cell. Indicate what will happen to each bacterium in each solution according to the process of OSMOSIS only. A. Remain the same size B. Shrink C. Swell up D. None of these 1. 2. 3. Bacterium 6 – 10. True or False. If True mark + ; if False mark O. ______ 6. Oxidation is the gaining of electrons from a molecule or atom. ______ 7. Fermentation processes require the presence of a living organism.
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Unformatted text preview: ______ 8. X-rays, viruses and radioactive chemicals are examples of possible mutagenic agents. ______ 9. Holoenzymes and coenzymes are subdivisions of apoenzymes. ______ 10. Glycolysis results in greater energy release from cells than does the citric acid cycle. 11. Discuss briefly 2 of the following processes. Distinguish between 2 of them and 75% Salt 25% H 2 O 20% Salt 80% H 2 O 2% Salt 98% H 2 O 1% Salt 99% H O 2% Salt 98% H O 3% Salt 98% H O BIO 119 McCague File-008 indicate their importance to the study of bacteria and disease. A. Conjugation B. Transformation C. Transduction...
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File-008 - ______ 8. X-rays, viruses and radioactive...

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