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BIO 183 McCague File-047 Quiz 2 C 1. Sinus of kidney 2. Anterior inferior segment of the kidney 3. Ureter in the pelvic cavity 4. Cortex of kidney – on model 5. Bowmans capsule – on model 6. Renal Vein 7. Body of the bladder (Urinary) 8. Neck of the urinary bladder 9. Olfactory nerve 10. Optic nerve
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Abducens nerve 12. Lacrimal nerve 13. Mandibular nerve inside the cranium 14. Spinal accessory nerve in the posterior cranial fossa 15. Hypoglossal nerve 16. Vagus nerve 17. Median nerve 18. Ulnar nerve 19. Saphenous nerve 20. Vestibulocochlear nerve...
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