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File-061 - Nasolacrimal passage Optic nerve Sclera...

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BIO 183 McCague File-061 Eye Special Senses Chapter 9: Head and Neck pages 238-244 Be able to locate and identify the parts of the eye and orbit. Eye and Accessory Eye Structures Orbital muscle – smooth muscle over the inferior Orbital fissure Superior rectus muscle – oculomotor nerve Lateral rectus muscle – abducens nerve Inferior rectus muscle – oculomotor nerve Medial rectus muscle – oculomotor nerve Superior oblique muscle and trochlea trochlear nerve Inferior oblique muscle – oculomotor nerve Levator palpebrae superioris – oculomotor nerve Orbital septum Eyelids superior and inferior palpebrae Tarsal or Meibomian gland Conjunctiva Lacrimal caruncle – medial Lacrimal gland – superolareral Lacrimal papilla and punctum Lacrimal ducts and lacrimal sac
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Unformatted text preview: Nasolacrimal passage Optic nerve Sclera Schlemm’s canal Cornea Choroid layer Ciliary body Ciliary muscle meridional and circular fibers Iris Pupillary margin – pupil Anterior chamber – aqueoushumor Posterior chamber – aqueoushumor Retina – optic part Ora serrata – end of optic retina Ciliary part of the retina (light insensitive) Iridial part of retina (light insensitive) Optic disk (blind spot) Macula lutea Fovea centralis Pigmented layer of retina, ciliary body, iris Neuro epithelial layer (rods and cones) Ganglion layer of retina (bipolar cells) BIO 183 McCague File-061 Ganglion layer of optic nerve (multipolar ganglion layer) Vitreous body Vitreous humor Lens – cortex, nucleus, capsule Suspensory fibers...
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File-061 - Nasolacrimal passage Optic nerve Sclera...

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