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BIO 119 McCague File-063 Table 27 – 1 Reportable Communicable / Infectious Diseases Disease Nature of Causative Agent Disease Nature of Causative Agent Acute infectious Bacterial (B) conjunctivitis of the newborn (includes gonorrheal ophthalmia) Anthrax B Scarlet fever B Asiatic cholera B Shigella infections B Botulism B Streptococcal infections B (including streptococcal sore throat) Brucellosis B Syphilis B Chancroid B Tetanus B Diarrhea of the newborn B Trachoma B a Diphtheria B Tuberculosis B Dysentery (bacillary) B Tularemia B Food poisoning B (excluding botulism) Typhoid fever (both actual B cases and carriers) Gonorrhea B Typhus fever B Granuloma inguinale B Coccidioidomycosis Fungal Leprosy B Trichinosis Helminth Leptospirosis B Malaria Protozoan Meningitis (meningococcal B or meningococcemia) Dengue fever Viral (V) Paratyphoid fever A, B, B and C Encephalitis (acute form)
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Unformatted text preview: V Pertussis (whooping cough) B Infectious hepatitis V Plague B Measles (rubeola) V Psittacosis B a Mumps V Q fever B b Poliomyelitis V Relapsing fever B Rabies (both human and V lower animal) Rheumatic fever (acute) B Serum hepatitis V Rocky Mountain spotted fever B b Viral exanthema in V pregnant women Salmonella infections B (exclusive of typhoid fever) Yellow fever V Source: Adapted from “Morbidity and Mortality Reportable Diseases,” 14 th Report, week ending April 11 th , 1970, County of Los Angeles Health Department. a These infections formerly were considered to be viral in nature. b These infections are also referred to as rickettsial in nature. However, in the light of recent findings, the causative agents are considered to be a form of bacteria....
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