File-069 - Caculate the minute respiratory volume total volume = 475ml mrv = tv X breaths/min breaths/min = 12 5 When will thetidal volume = the

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BIO 180 McCague File-069 Pulmonary Volumes and Capacity Calculation: 1. If the total lung capacity 4,600ml and the vital capacity is 3,100ml then calculate the residual volume. 2. What 3 volumes can be summated to equal vital capacity? 3. In general how much less are pulmonary volumes and capacities for women than are for men of approximate the same age? Express answer in %. 4.
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Unformatted text preview: Caculate the minute respiratory volume: total volume = 475ml mrv = tv X breaths/min breaths/min = 12 5. When will thetidal volume = the vital capacity? 6. What is the alveolar ventilation? Calculate alveolar ventilation per minute. Use yourself as an example. Assume Dead space volume = 150ml. Breaths/min= ______ Total volume = _____ Dead space = 150ml...
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