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File-082 - b wavelength = 0.55um N.A obj = 1.25 N.A cond =...

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BIO 119 McCague File-082 Name: _____________________________ Resolution of microscope optics = wavelength of light source used divided by the numerical aperture of the objective plus the numerical aperture of the condenser. Resolution Power = _______ λ (lambda) _______ (N.A. obj. + N.a. condenser) 1. Calculate the resolution of the following microscopes and show your solutions. a. wavelength = 0.45 um, N.A. obj. = 0.25, N.A. cond. = 0.9
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Unformatted text preview: b. wavelength = 0.55um, N.A. obj. = 1.25, N.A. cond. = 0.9 c. wavelength = 0.5 um, N.A. obj. = 1.25, N.A. cond. = 0.9 2. Express the size of these bacteria in the units requested. a. bacteria length 3123 nm. What is the length in um? in mm? in m? b. bacteria width 0.00000059 m. What is the width in mm? in cm? in um? in nm?...
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