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File-087 McCague Quiz 3#B 1. Superior rectus muscle (cadaver) 2. Posterior intermediate sulcus model (cord) 3. Fasiculus cuneatus (cord) 4. Tragus (cord) 5. Celiac plexus (cadaver) 6. Filum terminale (cord) 7. Dura mater (brain) 8. Ventral root (cord) 9. Interventricular foramen of Monroe (cast) 10. 3 rd Ventricle (cast) 11. Tonsilla of cerebellum (brain) 12. Claustrum (brain) 13. Putamen (brain)
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Calcarine sulcus (brain) 15. Fornix (brain) 16. Cerebral puduncle (brain) 17. Insula (brain) 18. Uncus (brain) 19. Pineal body (brain) 20. Intermediate mass thalamus (brain) 21. Eye structure (slide) 22. Organ of Corti (slide) 23. Brain region (slide) 24. Brain region (slide) 25. Spinal cord region (slide)...
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