File-088 - 7. What are the nerve branches of the facial...

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File-088 McCague Internet exercise 25 pts. Name: _________________ Section: ________________ This exercise begins at the LUMEN medical web site Lumen site: click Lesson Database click View Keywords click C scroll to cranial nerves click Last lesson listed titled: Tutorial on Cranial nerves 1. Write the number and name for all the cranial nerves. 2. What is the Modality of each nerve? (See summary Table 1) 3. What is the function of each of the cranial nerves? 1
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File-088 McCague 4. Identify the bone marking feature each cranial nerve passes through to reach its innervation point. (to answer this question go to each cranial nerve and examine the photograph. Roman numeral key is on the left side of your screen.) 5. Click on the Cranial Nerve Branches. What are the three branches of the trigeminal nerve? A. B. C. 6. What divisions of or branches of the trigeminal nerve are illustrated?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What are the nerve branches of the facial nerve that are illustrated? 2 File-088 McCague The Whole Brain Atlas Go to the Top 100 Brain structures at this site: 8. In which gyri do you find the insula? 9. Is the insula visible from the brain surface? Go to the on line picture by clicking on the name. If you cant tell from the slice consult you textbook. 10. What are the names of the basal ganglia in the table of top 100. . .? 11. What functions are associated with each of these ganglia? (see your textbook for help with this question.) 12. Click on globus pallidus. Is the thalamus of the brain visible at the same level in this slice of the globus pallidus? ____________ 13. What is the function of the thalamus? (see textbook) 3...
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File-088 - 7. What are the nerve branches of the facial...

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