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File-094 McCague Quiz #3E 1. Central canal of spinal cord (cadaver) 2. White column – Cuneate fasciculus (model) 3. Ventral horn of gray mater spinal cord (model) 4. Dura matter meninges (cadaver) 5. Arachnoid mater (brain) or (spinal cord) 6. Splenium of corpus callosum (brain) 7. Posterior commissure & pineal body (brain) 8. Hypothalamus (brain) 9. Medulla oblongata (brain) 10. Posterior lateral horn of ventricle (model cast) 11. Cerebral puduncle (brain) 12. Superior colliculi at midbrain
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Unformatted text preview: (brain) 13. 3 rd ventricle (brain) 14. Arbor vitae of cerebellum (brain) 15. Folia (gyri) of cerebellum (brain) 16. Cingulate gyrus of cerebrum (brain) 17. Caudate nucleus (brain) 18. Globus pallidus of Lentiform nucleus (brain) 19. Insula (brain) 20. Uncus (brain) 21. Eye part (Slide) 22. Eye part (Slide) 23. Eye part (Slide) 24. Spinal cord region (Slide) 25. Spinal cord region (Slide)...
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