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BIO 119 McCague File-099 Name: ________________________ Section: _______________________ Matching: A. Jenner D. Needham B. Pasteur E. Redi C. Koch F. Erlich ______ 1. Developed the first chemotherapeatic drug, an arsenic compound called salvarsan 606. ______ 2. Disproved that maggots spontaneously generate from decaying meat. ______ 3. Developed a vaccine used against anthrax. ______ 4. Used a cowpox vaccine against human smallpox viruses in England. ______ 5. Developed a set of postulates to demonstrate cause and effect in infectious diseases. ______ 6. Tried to prove bacteria spontaneously generate in meat broth. ______ 7. The correct scientific name is: a. Bacillus Subtilis d. bacillus Subtilis b. Bacillus subtilis e. none of these c. bacillus, subtilis ______ 8. Anaerobic organism cannot survive in the pressure of: a. nitrogen d. gas b. carbon dioxide e. none of these c. oxygen ______ 9. According to Whittaker there should be _________ kingdoms of life forms. a. 2 d. 5 b. 3 e. 6 c. 4 ______ 10. Viruses are unlike other living organism because they are not cells.
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Unformatted text preview: a. True b. False BIO 119 McCague File-099 Matching: A. nucleus E. ribosome B. nucleolus F. centriole C. Golgi body G. Cell wall D. mitochondrion H. cilia ______ 11. Control center of cell, containing Dna chromatin. ______ 12. Cell power house where ATP is formed. ______ 13. Site of protein synthesis. ______ 14. Porous barrier made of cellulose in algae. ______ 15. Appendage used in locomotion by protozoans. ______ 16. Pulls chromosomes apart during mitosis. ______ 17. Storage area for RNA in eucaryotes. ______ 18. Responsible for cell secretion and packaging of secreted products. ______ 19. Which one of the above is found inside cells of both prokaryotes and eucaryotes. ______ 20. Entamoeba histolytica, the cause of human dysentery, is an example of a: a. Mastigophoran b. Sarcodina c. Ciliophoran d. Sporozoan...
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File-099 - a True b False BIO 119 McCague File-099 Matching...

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