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File-100 McCague Quiz 3F Cochlear nerve Superior oblique merve Modiolus (oval, round) Lateral rectus nerve Scala vestibula Rectus muscles Scala tympani Oblique muscles Cochlear duct Pupil Tectorial membraned Iris Spiral ligament / ganglion Cornea Vestibular membrane (Reissners) Anterior chamber Basilar membrane Posterior chamber Ultricle Vestibule Conjunctiva Saccule Ampulla Ciliary body Helicotrema Suspensory ligaments Organ of cortic Sclera Anterior Posterior Lateral Choroid Semi circular canals Lacrimal gland
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Unformatted text preview: Incus, Malleus, Stapes Fovea centralis Eustachian tube auditory tube Blind spot Helix, Tragus, Antitragus Lacrimal caruncle Spermatic chord parts Canal of Schlemm Prostate gland Ora serrata Tunica albuginea 2 bones with muscles Rete testis Seminiferous tubules glans Vas Efferents ductules Corpus cavernosa Head Body Tail Epididymus Corpus spongiosum Appendix Testis Fore skin Appendix Epididymus Scrotal septum Dartos External spermatic fascial...
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