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File-101 McCague Quiz #3A 1. Medullarycone of spinal cord at Lumbar (cadaver) 2. White column – Gracile fasciculus (model) 3. Central canal of spinal cord (model) 4. Helix (cadaver) 5. Piamater – brain meninges (brain) 6. Genu of corpus callosum (brain) 7. Anterior commissure (brain) 8. Mamillary body of hypothalamus (brain) 9. Pons (brain) 10. Hole for intermediate mass of thalamus (on ventricle cast) 11. Choroid plexus (any one) (brain) 12. Corpora quadrigemina – midbrain
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Unformatted text preview: (brain) 13. 4 th ventricle (brain) 14. Dentate nucleus of cerebellum (brain) 15. Vermis of cerebellum (brain) 16. Fornix (brain) 17. Insula (brain) 18. Claustrum (brain) 19 Putamen of Lentiform nucleus (brain) 20. Uncus (brain) 21. Eye structure (slides) 22. Organ of Corti (slides) 23. Brain region (slides) 24. Brain region (slides) 25. Spinal cord region (slides)...
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