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File-102 McCague Quiz #3B 1. Ventral root of spinal cord 2. Dorsal median sulcus of spinal cord 3. Superior mesenteric ganglion 4. Pia mater 5. Fornix 6. Central sulcus 7. Anterior commissure 8. Intermediate mass foramen (cast) 9. Inferior colliculus 10. Hypothalamus 11. Dentate nucleus of cerebellum 12. 4 th ventricle
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Internal capsule of basal ganglion 14. Insula 15. Uncus 16. Anterior chamber 17. Basilar membrane 18. Incus 19. Tragus 20. Optic disk 21. Identify the region 22. Identify the structure 23. Identify the passage 24. Identify brain region 25. Identify cell type...
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