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File-109 - 14 Fornix rostrum splenium posterior commissure...

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File-109 McCague Exam 3 1. Dorsal root ganglion 2. Spinal nerve 3. Ventral surface spinal cord; dorsal median sulcus 4. Superior oblique m; superior rectus m 5. Inferior oblique m; inferior rectus m 6. Lacrimalgland, pupil 7. Sclera; cornea 8. Superior colliculus; inferior colliculus; cerebral peduncle 9. Folia; arbor vitae; olivary nucleus 10. Vermis; dentate nucleus; tonsilla 11.Pons, Pineal body, medulla oblongata; Habenular tract 12. Mammilary body, thalamus, choroids plexus 13. Intermediate mass; hypothalamus; cerebral aqueduct
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Fornix; rostrum, splenium; posterior commissure 15. External capsule, Internal capsule, Extreme capsule 16. Caudate nucleus; claustrum; precentral gyrus 17. Globus pallidus; Putamen 18. Uncus; Insula; Cingulate gyrus 19. Ventricle model, F. magendie, F. Luschka 20. Ventricle model → 3 rd vent. 4 th vent. 21. Ventricle model → Post horn F. Monroe 22. Eye Iris; suspensory ligaments 23. Eye Outer nucleus; inner nuclear layer 24. Spinal cord 25. Spinal cord...
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