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BIO 183 – Anatomy II McCague File-025 Male Reproductive System Male Genital Organs Testicle 1. Anterior margin 2. Superior extremity 3. Inferior extremity 4. Posterior margin – attaches to reflected serous fold Tunica albuginea – c.t. over testicle Mediastinum testis (at Posterior margin) c.t. radiations Testicular septa – connective tissue partitions between mediastinum testis and tunica albuginea Seminiferous tubules in parenchyma Convoluted seminiferous tubules – near anterior margin Straight seminiferous tubules – near mediastinum Rete testis – ducts in mediastinum after straight tubules Efferents ductules – vas efferens after rete testis and before epididymis Epididymis 3 regions 1. Head of epididymis 2. Body of epididymis 3. Tail of epididymis Appendix of epididymis Vas Deferens Ampulla of the Vas Deferens near bladder Spermatic cord includes: 1. Vas Deferens 2. Internal spermatic artery and vein 3. Lymphatic vessels 4. Nerves – Genitofemoral nerve branches 5. and investing layers all pass through the inguinal canal as they ascend from the testes
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File-025183 - BIO 183 Anatomy II File-025 McCague Male...

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