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File-032 McCague Quiz 2, 6 Scopes Lateral border Apex of bladder Medial border Body of bladder Hilus Fundus of bladder Renal sinus Inter ureteric fold Anterior surface Trigone Posterior surface Olfactory Superior extremity Optic nerve Inferior extremity Oculomotor nerve Adipose capsule Trochlear nerve Fibrous capsule Trigeminal nerve Superior segment of kidney Ganglion Anterior superior segment Ophthalmic Anterior inferior segment Frontal Inferior segment Maxillary Posterior segment Zygomatic or Infra orbital Renal cortex Mandibular Renal medulla Inferior alveolar nerve Renal pyramid
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Unformatted text preview: Mental nerve Renal papillac Abducens nerve Renal column Facial Renal corpuscle Bowman’s capsule Vestibulocochlear Glomerulus Glossopharyngeal nerve Renal pelvis Vagus, & in neck Major calyx Spinal accessory nerve Minor calyx Hypoglossal & Neck Renal artery Brachial plexus Renal vein Femoral nerve Ureter Obturator nerve Afferent arteriole Sympathetic chain Efferent arteriole Celiac truck artery Superior mesenteric Suprarenal Renal Testicular Inferior mesenteric Common iliac External iliac Internal iliac...
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