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BIO 119 McCague File-074 Exam #3 1. Infrared radiation destroys bacteria in the same manner as: a. ultraviolet radiation d. gamma irradiation b. visible light e. steam sterilization c. a dry heat oven 2. In bacterial filtration of a liquid medium which one of the following methods acts like a sieve alone: a. unglazed porcelain d. asbestos filter b. cellulose-acetate e. fiberglass filter c. diatom earth filter 3. “Cold-boiling” is another name for: a. ultrasound disninfection d. autoclaving b. Tyndallization e. gamma irradiation c. Pasteurization 4. Which method of control would do the least damage to facultatively mesophilic bacteria: a. steam sterilization d. freeze-drying b. Ethylene oxide gas sterilization e. Pasteurization c. Direct flame 5. Steam sterilization at 15 P.S.I. and 121 o C can be achieved in 15 minutes. At 50 P.S.I. and 146 o C it can be achieved in 1 minute. How long will it take at 30 P.S.I. and 135 o C? a. 16 minutes c. 3 minutes b. 30 seconds d. 20 minutes 6. E. coli is killed in 5 minutes at 70 o C, 10 minutes at 65 o C, 20 minutes at 60 o C. Thus the TDP or thermal death point would be: a. exactly 70 o C d. exactly 40 o C b. greater than 70 o C e. none of these c. exactly 60 o C 1
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BIO 119 McCague File-074 7 – 11 Matching: a. T.D.T. d. Z-value b. T.D.P. e. D-value c. Boiling 7. The temperature at which a suspension of bacteria is killed in 10 minutes. 8. The length of time required for particular temperature to sterilize a suspension of organisms. 9. The time required to kill 90 percent of the organisms in a suspension at a specified temperature. 10. The number of degrees of temperature increase needed to reduce the value in question #9 to one tenth its original value. 11. An inexpensive method of physical disinfection. 12. A process performed on milk and beer to remove vegetative pathogens which does not alter the final flavor or the product. a. boiling d. pasteurization b. autoclaving e. none of these c. filtration 13. Materials to be steam sterilized must be sanitized and properly wrapped beforehand: a. true b. false 14. According to the target theory of ionizing radiation a cell will be killed when ionization path occurs in a significant portion of its sensitive volume. a.
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immunity - BIO 119 File-074 McCague Exam #3 1. Infrared...

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