labels3 - 10 Pons 23 Arborviate of cerebellum 11 Medulla...

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External Right Ear Darwin tubercle Helix Crura of antihelix Triangular fossa Crus of helix Anterior notch Ttragus Intertragic notch Antitragus Lobule Antihelix Cavum Coucha BIO 183 _______________________________ Posterior malleolar Anterior pars flaccida Manubrium of malleus Fold Umbo Pars tensa of eardrum Stapes Fossa of Longcrus of Posterior malleolar round window incus fold Otoscope View of Right Tympanic Membrane _____________________________________ Lateral process Head Body Short crus Longcrus Incudostapedial joint Posterior crus Base of stapes on Anterior crus Manubrium cochlea at oval window Anterior process Malleus Incus Stapes
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BIO 183 Brain McCague Mid Sagittal Section of Brain 1. Corpus callosum 14. Fornix and foramen of Monro 2. Septum pellucidum 15. Choroid plexus of 3 rd ventricle 3. Genu 16. Splenium 4. Rostrum 17. Pineal body 5. Anterior commissure 19. Corpora commissure 6. Optic chiasma 20. Intermediate mass of Thalamus 7. Infundibulum in 3 rd ventricle 8. Mammillary body (hypothalamus) 21. Cerebral aqueduct 9. Cerebral puduncle 22. Cerebellum
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Pons 23. Arborviate of cerebellum 11. Medulla oblongata 24. Central sulcus 12. 4 th ventricle 25. Cingulate gyrus 13. Choroid plexus of 4 th ventricle 26. Uncus 27. Porietal-occipital sulcus 28. Calcarine sulcus BIO 183 Brain Ventricles McCague Body of Anterior horns 3 rd ventricle lateral ventricle Inferior horn Suprapinealrecess Posterior horn Lateral recess 4 th ventricle Cast of Ventricles from Superior Aspect Body of the Inter ventricular foramen Anterior horn lat. ventricle Anterior commissure Optic recess Infundibulum Interior horn Lateral recess 4 th ventricle Cerebral aqueduct Posterior horn Suprapinealrecess Lateral View Right Side ___ Caudate Nucleus ___ Hypothalamus ___ Longitudinal Cerebral Fissure ___ Corpus Callosum ___ Intermediate Mass ___ Putamen ___ Fornix ___ Lateral Ventricle ___ Thalamus ___ Globus Pallidus ___ Lentiform Nucleus ___ Third Ventricle ___ Hypophysis ___ Insula...
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labels3 - 10 Pons 23 Arborviate of cerebellum 11 Medulla...

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