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MIS 241 Section 270 Spring 2002 Assignment 1 Assigned: Friday, 2/1/02 Due: Friday, 2/8/02 Review of HTML Create a simple HTML document Exercise 1, Tutorial 1A, JavaScript Textbook, pg. 18. Please copy the files from the Data_01 folder located within the Tutorial_01 Folder in this class’s I drive. To access these files, go to a Moraine Valley computer desktop, click on My Computer. Click on the “Instruct” (I Drive) icon and go to the folder called
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Unformatted text preview: “Tse”. Go into the “MIS_241_270_Spring02” folder and then click on the “Data_01” folder. Copy all the files to a disk. These files are not necessary, they are just image files used to make your assignment easier. If you prefer, you can download/find/create your own image files for this assignment....
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