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Joseph Craft Article link: make-sale-416839/2 Date published: December 2010 Subject: E-commerce Link : Social Selling What interested me enough to read the article? Well I own a E-commerce business part-time with Amway Global, so I thought I could get some tips to help out my business right now. What’s the basic premise of the strategy, tactic, campaign, etc.? Adiago tee uses social media to get the attention of consumers by tweeting, blogging and posting videos on their page. USAA bank uses a strategy to allow customers the ability to deposit a check on their smartphones which creates loyalty and engagement with the customers. In order to be successful using social media the point is to help your customers achieve their goals and to make them become loyal customers.
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Unformatted text preview: What did the expert say? (Include a quote or two from an expert in the article) Jeff Molander is a digital marketing strategist, adjunct professor of digital marketing at Loyola University, Trust your instincts and apply what you know works. 2011 is the year that leads, sales and better customer experiences won't just happen. said Jeff when asked by on how to be effective with social media. Why is this direct response/interactive marketing? This is interactive marketing because it uses social media to reach its target audience. In order to keep up with the industry you have to adapt to the trends or your business is not going to prosper. Social media is a way you can lure customers in to your business and to get them in sync with your thoughts....
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