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Joseph Craft Article link: challenge/227078/ Date published:  April 19, 2010 Subject:  Is Online Video Ready for the $100 Million Advertising Challenge? What interested me enough to read the article? When I did the privacy project I did a company profile for which planned on using video advertisement to increase sales. What’s the basic premise of the strategy, tactic, campaign, etc.? First, in order to take on this project head on the agency has to “ scale the online and mobile video audience and non-offensive relevant inventory, improving video infrastructure and ad workflow, and finally proving to advertisers the immense value proposition that (we all know) lies within this burgeoning medium”. The strategy for this campaign is to test the market to see if the consumers can relate to this advertisement by shares, plays and etc. Everyone has to come together in the video industry to make this project work.
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Unformatted text preview: What did the expert say? (Include a quote or two from an expert in the article) Bill Lederer, CEO of Kantar Video and a member of the global HQ team of Kantar: If the video industry steps it up and works together to shed light on the inherent problems and unanswered questions (not the least research-related), we can make this next chapter in video history the one where video comes to earn an even more meaningful place in the marketing mix, stated Bill. Why is this direct response/interactive marketing? Obviously, this is the use of interactive marketing by being able to relate to the particular audience about an product or service. In the privacy policy paper I remember doing a research about a company called RichRelevance, who use rich media to incorporated online videos in the decision making on a company site. When will the inherent problems be answered? Will TV advertisement go away if the online advertisement makes a big impact?...
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