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Joseph Craft Beacon Trackers- Yahoo, Google, Gannett, Adobe Systems, RichRelevance Flash Trackers- None Html Trackers- Mozilla Foundation, Gannett, Adobe Systems, Google,  Live Person, Voice Five  Networks,  Voice Click, RichRelevance, published privacy policy disclosures is well informed and lets the consumers know  what the company is doing with the information. What I learned is that the behavioral tracking is  helping companies get to know their consumers very well. In order to track a consumer 
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Unformatted text preview: behavioral tracking you will need to have a published privacy policy disclosure to let the consumer know how their information is being used. In the article the ad agencies said that they don’t violate consumers privacy, because they don’t identify the consumer by name. In the article it talked about the privacy disclosure information located on the site which lets consumers know how the information is being use....
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