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Pragnya Darla Assignment 4 Interview Questions March 2, 2011 1. Tell me about yourself . I am currently a senior at the School of Management of the University at Buffalo, studying Business Administration with a concentration in MIS. Currently, I am working as an Academic Assistant of the Management Learning Community at UB Residence Halls & Apartments. My job roles involve many administrative tasks which include submissions of reports, proposals, organizing programs/presentations. Have a great passion for technology and play a role of a great communicator, role model and help residents achieve their academic goals. Usually, work within large diverse teams that come from different cultures. Whenever challenges arise I like to jump in with a positive attitude and think out of the box. One situation occurred in the past, where one of my supervisors had a ton of paperwork in assigning residents with their academic documentation. I insisted that I could help her organize the packages in order to meet the deadline of the arrival of residents. Working as a team and taking the initiative to organizing the documentation and prepare the packages of more than 1,200 residents provided my supervisor with confidence, reliability and satisfaction in managing office tasks. As a flexible person, I can perform and manage tasks under any situation (due to my experience as a Public Sites Consultant). Perform all my tasks in a very professional and organized manner. Now I am looking for a position where I can continue to apply and enhance my skills and gain knowledge of the Bioinformatics industry, in addition to working at UB. I get the best of both worlds by combining technology, my business administration knowledge and gain an opportunity at working in UB. 2. What are your two strengths and what is your weakness? Strengths: I am an optimistic person, excellent communicator, organize and manage all administrative work efficiently and effectively, and work well with colleagues. From my past work experiences I have managed administrative duties as an AA, Public Sites Consultant and as a Director of Vaibhav Lakshmi Softwarez Inc. I have also applied these skills in many of the student clubs on campus including Tau Sigma. Gaining these experiences has developed me in managing large tasks. I have learned to create databases in helping offices organize their paperwork in an efficient manner. In the consulting office I had to deal with stacks of paperwork
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Assignment 4 (1) - Interview Questions Pragnya Darla...

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