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Phylum characteristics - Major characteristics of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Major characteristics of the EP'inflPil phyla of animals “:10 —nm It § :5 E a Phylum E E 3 --;§ 5.3 -fl-flfl 3m -"-_ Sang-amino 32: E FIVE ICINGDDMS 0F LIVING THINGS Celluiar Mode of organization nutrition Examples Monet-a Wait: _ amormphs and bacteria. ennui-melanin . . Fnieeuularor hemmhs E .. sunple colonies . _ (absurhm) Prntlsta - Elikm'yotic aumunphs and flagellum, amebas. ._ nnieeflularor . hemmphs eiliates m'mple eulmies (311th and . . _ . ingestms) Hantae - _' - - ._ Bahama-tic ammphs u'ces, grasses J Eukmyodc heterutmfihs - umshreomsmfldews. mulaeelhflar . - {absorbers} yeasts Animalia Eukaryotic heterntrepha humans. birds ' multiceflular in esters masters, nabs. worms THE DIVERSITY OF ANNALS Therearemumfllanljmiflion species efauimals unite: earth. 97% are invertebrates and 75%areinseets. J. Zoological Tale by Halter he Tachinlttl It wee late or night and I one heeding ny Mustang beet tn the old deter, heating in and out of the eluggieh traffic thet HIE crewling along at a eneil'e poet. 1 reflected on the evening's events. how that jeckaee. George. had bedgered or to help him pets :00 2011C. lion thet the end nE the semester was tlnee. he one gettlng sntgy. a condition ceuaed by hia elethfulneee during tenth of the term. not to mention that the old bueeard drool: like a fish end hed lnuay etudy habits. Well, since I had Ierreted out much of the old 3110 intelligence hy dogged work. and it had taken web effort to squirrel it away in my week brain, simple horeeeaeoee told lie to clen 111:! the“ a ret like George tried to buffalo no and horn in on our toerts. Sooethoees you knee. it just gets your gent. ibout this ties. I erriead et the corn, ported the Kittens end tucked into the door. Pre-exen panic hung in the air like d tog. First thing I see 111 the lounge to this osboon. Jim. playing poster on the couch. lees feeling pretty titteoishs' to l corned my eoi' behind the couch. crened ny neck over the heel: and proceeded to give the e fishy etete. tell, he II'IJEI heea seueed my presence. His eyes opened like an eel end he let out e both. I said. "Hey man. I thought you were out ton-etttln' while your doe-eyed thick nee cute then?" he made s heeset-hnund fece. "New. Somebody notheyed with my oer". he bitched. "end I would have had to bout it. I've been nothing like it better. tenet I'm still on the hook to fly loin short. I tell you. that ahrinn ani'e nehee nnunttine out at nelehille. Inean. it'e juet e fen buclta I owe the anoint. but no. he's gotta be a hog. trahhln’ at he all about the interest 1 one and all that hull. I gene hie aone eceley etory ehnut needing it for my education. but I felt pretty aheepieh, cenee he'd tens to be blind es s her not to etc into blowin‘ it on the birds. Inoeos'the cardinal sin to this hutebtelnedm." Jil kept on like thie for quite e bit. He queiled at nothing. Somehow. that etellion hed gotten thie flee in hie ear. that he could ily in the fate 0f contention, just kind of go ace in the high-living departlent and not pay the price. hell. it use high tine he toelt ennthet gender at his attitudes before some big or really gate hi: n goose, Then again. I didn't seem like the guy tn do it. I knee you'll think I thickened our, and I couldn't gull you about it. but old din not not going to be the albums: around my neck. and who knows. Ieybe he was chant to sing hie even song et old [53. nhet eith hie louay gradea'and woolly ideet. To tell the truth, I'm a regular pussy-oat. a tent itch. so my instinct too not to are hie onto: to beetle out of there before he touched me for a ten bucks at my tough. I scurried for the eleyetnc. Lole tree elreedy on it. A lovely often, though e hit beta in the totality, end the only think I know the wife her food. Gets Hormone and teelly niga in. lint at least she's not noueey and ehe‘e no three. I tepteeEEd giving her a beorhug. "Hi", the pureed. ”ten 1 bug you about 20K] ltllcl" lole nee e bit featherbrained and often tried to wing it on coroner Recently. ehe has had this bet in her bonnet the: my oocher-henning would rescue her from her fete. heyhe she got the lies from the: dog. George. the'a e foxy young heifer, and I'll admit, she's got me e bit towed. but I'm no kid anymore end I'm tired of hncaing around. ht thie point, my eagle-eye epntted that her fete HEB lohater red. "Eaan to the beechl". I crowed. the sure didn't get that sunburn from the heat generated by etedyiog. iussn't going to be her tactic. to I cleersd the frog iron toy throat and troetec. "Sorry. told. I have to be” off to see my queen bee." Hell. I could tell by the look on her fece thet ehe gee thett to day something cetty. hut she'e just a fledgling et thie busineee, end I not out of eight in e . flesh. leaning her floundering to nilinete upon her fate. ' ' u tell, you ago how it is. It nehea you crabby when you do your best Ell eeneetet to than your way through this pile of knowledge. and then all the alothe nhn bitched ell eeneoter went to oust you dry like e bunch of parasites. i think I‘ll go down to Pour Peel's end get eliunlred. ...
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Phylum characteristics - Major characteristics of the...

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