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Allison Morrow March 1, 2010 Environmental Organization Paper The Cahaba River Society has been a source of pride and joy for the residents of the Birmingham community for many years. The society works specifically in the Cahaba River, a precious source of water and other wildlife to the state of Alabama as well as all of North America. Their conservation efforts have affected the water supply and quality of the much needed Cahaba River and will hopefully, in the future, create even more successes that lead to better conservation efforts from the future leaders of the Birmingham area. The Cahaba River is a very important river not only because of its aesthetic beauty, but also because it holds one – fifth of the drinking water for citizens of Alabama (Cahaba). It is also an environment that houses 69 rare species, some only found in the Cahaba River (Species 1). The Cahaba River is home to more species per mile than any other river in North America, but, unfortunately, many plants, fish, and other species of animals are named as threatened and endangered species (Species 6). For the importance of its biodiversity, National Geographic named the Cahaba River along with the Southeastern Rivers of the United States as one of the sixth most diverse areas in the world that is affected by threatened and endangered species (Cahaba). The society was started in September 22, 1988, and its mission is stated as “To restore and protect the Cahaba River watershed and its rich diversity of life” (Cahaba). The members saw the importance of the Cahaba River for the citizens of Alabama and saw the need for action to help save the environment of the river. Their main objective is to not only save the endangered and threatened species in the Cahaba, but to also help purify the water to increase the water quality and supply. The society holds on its Board
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ENV Lab Paper Cahaba River Society - Allison Morrow March...

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