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Allison Morrow 101-311 September 21, 2009 Assignment: Paper #1, Final Copy I felt my heart beat fast as I inched near the steps to her door. Even though I was 15 and had been through two previous piano teachers, I was terrified of this one. I was rather surprised about the fact that I was able to find another piano teacher in Red Bay, the small town where I am from, because the nearest and best musical interests were over an hour away. I knew this quite well, because my sister currently had to drive that distance in order to obtain violin lessons. Having three pianists in Red Bay who were capable of training anyone is an astonishing fact. The two teachers I had previously had, however, were not exactly exemplary instructors. I couldn’t imagine what I was supposed to expect from her. I remember as I draw closer about the many friends and acquaintances that have quit under her, and I have to stop and wonder how long this will last. My thoughts do not last long; I knock on her door. I am invited in warmly, a pleasant surprise. I have heard many people tell me off her loudness and jumpiness, which terrifies a younger student. Even being an adolescent, that fact still made me nervous. Her house is strange to me; it is slightly messy and has a natural charm and quality to it. Her piano was not, in fact a grand piano, in name or quality, but nevertheless it was a fine piano. I settle down and place the materials I already have on the table. She glides on her glasses with rather large frames and reads over my music. After a couple of minutes, she picks up my copy of Für Elise and places it on the stand and asks me to pronounce it. When I do, she follows up with a strict lecture on 1
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Allison Morrow 101-311 September 21, 2009 Assignment: Paper #1, Final Copy pronunciation and tells me the history of Für Elise. I was a little taken aback by this as I had never had a teacher so strict. In those few moments, I was terrified, yet interested. She eventually assigned me some theory books and gave me a choice of what books I wanted. This had never happened for me. Normally, I was stuck playing theory and hymns, but now I could move on the Broadway, classical, and almost anything I wanted. I began to love Phoebe tremendously, as every new lesson brought new learning
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Paper 1 - 1 Allison Morrow 101-311 September 21, 2009...

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