Paper 2 - The Effect of Technology on Childhood Development...

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The Effect of Technology on Childhood Development and Nurture Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt clearly makes a distinction about the psychological needs of children, and how without aggressive parenting children cannot develop and function in a society where this is desperately needed. The nursery that was originally for the children, Wendy and Peter, in order to see how they were developing psychologically turns out to be the deadliest thing that happens to the family, literally, by leading to the deaths of both George and Lydia, the parents in the story. Both Peter’s and Wendy’s development was highly affected because they lost the nurture that is needed by every human to grow, to learn, and to develop in a desirable pattern. We as humans need nurture because it is an important part of our development. However, when other things, such as technology like in The Veldt, take over the parent's part of nurture, humans do not develop normally. We desperately need strong parental figures for without them, we cannot develop our speech or know the correct ways to function in a society. The example of the case of Genie, a modern day “Wild Child”, shows that clearly without the nurture, we simply cannot survive. Her parents “isolated” her by keeping her locked in a room with no human contact except to give her food (Pines 4). Her parents had not spoken to her since infancy and if she made a noise, she was beaten (Pines 2). When she was found, she could neither speak nor walk and she was very “malnourished” and “abused” (Pines 5). This obviously
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Paper 2 - The Effect of Technology on Childhood Development...

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