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Homework #1: Proportion Problems (C.I.) (35 points) STA 215: Introductory Applied Statistics Spring/Summer 2011 The following problems are related to confidence interval for population proportion. 1. Sociology: Crime Rate – Suppose that you are a sociologist in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and a random sample of police files showed that of 32 arrests last month, 25 were of males aged 15 to 34. Find a 95% confidence interval for the true population proportion of such arrests in Rock Springs. Does it capture 70%? (6 points) 2. Wildlife: Wolves- The following is based on information from The Wolf in the Southwest: The Making of an Endangered species, by David E. Brown (University of Arizona Press). Before 1918, the proportion of female wolves in the general population of all southwestern wolves was about 50% . However, after 1918, southwestern cattle ranchers began a widespread effort to destroy wolves. In a recent sample of 34 wolves, there were only 10 females. One theory is that male wolves tend
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