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Checklist for “Works Cited” Paper 1. Look at your Works Cited page. Are there at least five works cited? 2. If you have five citations, is one of them a non-Internet source? 3. Is there a variety of sources—books, journals, magazines, website? 4. Are they listed alphabetically according to the author’s last name? 5. Did you indent properly? (You may refer to the Green Book, pages 77-78 for an example. 6. Have all of the sources on your Works Cited page been included in your paper?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Go to each paragraph and if there is a citation, make sure it is on your Works Cited page. 8. If you’ve paraphrased, did you cite it? 9. Check your in text citations to be sure they are cited—no matter if they are direct quotes or paraphrased. 10. Introduction—review each other’s first paragraphs for interest. 11. Is the introduction too wordy? Is there anything missing? 12. How can it be changed to be a better introduction?...
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