My purpose for writing this essay is

My purpose for writing this essay is - the subject for each...

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My purpose for writing this essay is: ______________________________________ I need help the most with: _______________________________________________ Peer Workshop: Argument Essay Name:____________________Title_____________ One person in the group should record the following information for each person’s essay. Then be sure the group member gets this sheet when the group concludes. 1. Is the title appropriate? If not, have the group come up with another. Remember the title should be creative and not superficial or generic. Circle One: Yes or No on the title. If no, what should the title be? ________________________ 2. Is the introduction engaging? Does it make the reader want to continue with this essay? If not, how should it change? 3. Underline the thesis statement. Is it clear, focused and specific? If not, a suggestion for a clear thesis is: __________________________________________________________. 4. Underline the topic sentences for each paragraph. In the left hand margin, write
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Unformatted text preview: the subject for each paragraph. Does the subject match the topic sentence? 5. Circle repetitive words or phrases. 6. Circle vocabulary that needs to be elevated to a university audience. 7. Double underline any sentences that are confusing or awkward. These need to be re-phrased. Do so together and make changes. 8. Are any sentences short and choppy? Combine them for a better flow. 9. Are any paragraphs too brief with 2 or 3 sentences only? Expand, delete or move these brief paragraphs to another paragraph. 10. Regarding content: Has the writer addressed both sides of this issue? Put a star where the positive aspects of the issue are written. Where are the opposing viewpoints? Be sure the essay is balanced. Is it? 11. Are transitions needed? 12. Does the author take a stand? Do they support it with examples and details? 13. Is a single focus emphasized throughout the essay? 14. Is the essay at least five pages long? Are there at least five sources on the WC page?...
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My purpose for writing this essay is - the subject for each...

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