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Workshop #3:  Personal Narrative Peer Review Sheet 1. Is the title interesting?  What would be a better title? 2. Is the introduction interesting and does it draw the reader in?  Would it work better to begin  the story at a different point?  Is the introduction too long (think of the purpose of the story  and where the story actually begins)? 3. Does the writer give the reader a clear understanding of what the purpose is for reading the  story (Thesis statement)?  State the purpose.  Is this purpose conveyed throughout the story or  does it have a “tacked on” sound at the end of the paper?  What can be done to make the 
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Unformatted text preview: purpose come across throughout the story? 4. Does the story move along from the beginning to the end? What parts are not needed and bog the story down? 5. What scenes need more description? More detail? What kind of detail? Does the writer appeal to the senses? Where can more appeal to the senses be added? 6. Is there dialogue to convey immediacy and heighten tension? Where can dialogue be included? Where is there too much dialogue? 7. Could anecdotes be incorporated throughout this essay? (Anecdotes are stories that add to the overall essay)....
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