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Personal Narratives—Small Group Exercise 1. In a sentence or two, identify the topic and explain why you think the author chose this topic.             2. What does the author want their readers to think of their   experiences?  What does the author want you to think of them as the teller of this story?      3. How does the author convey the uniqueness of their experience or its special importance to  their life? 4. How can the author get the readers to identify with them?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is the purpose of this story? 6. What did the author do to make their story clear? 7. What is the climax of this story? (The point the reader anticipates with eagerness or trepidation?) 8. What does the author do in the opening sentences to arouse readers curiosity? 9. How does the author use vivid descriptive detail to dramatize the story? 10. Where does the author use dialogue? Should it be added?...
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