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Response Essay Classroom Exercise

Response Essay Classroom Exercise - 5 In the fifth...

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Response Essay Classroom Exercise:  “Green Book,” 5 th  Ed., 2006-7 “Of Women and Women Writers,” by Tshering Lhamo Butia, p. 101 to 105 Read the essay silently.  Answer the following questions in your group: 1. In the first paragraph, choose what you think may be the thesis of this essay and underline it.  Why did the author choose this event to write a response essay? 2. What is the author’s intent in the second paragraph? 3. In this third paragraph, what is the author attempting to accomplish?  How does it differ  from the previous paragraphs?  Underline examples. 4. Regarding the fourth paragraph, what is contrasted in this part of the essay?  Is there  anything in this paragraph that seems out of place?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. In the fifth paragraph, what is the author’s purpose? What does the author keep adding throughout the paragraphs that is a positive technique in response essays? 6. In paragraph six, what is the main point made by the author of this essay? How many times in this paragraph does the author refer to her own feelings/thoughts? Give examples. 7. What is the main event of paragraph seven and how is it important in this response essay? 8. In paragraph nine, what source is integrated into this essay? 9. In the last paragraph, what does the author conclude? 10. Throughout this essay, underline the sentences that utilize the writing strategy of description....
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