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Workshop Expectations: 1. Small groups of five students for approximately one hour and 45 minutes will be the norm for  today.  The goal is for each student to have their paper reviewed, so please limit the time for  each at about 18 minutes. 2. Students should have five copies of their essay ready for the group.  You may take your group  wherever you want.  If you’d like to leave this building, just let me know where you might be  going. 3. If a student leaves early, I’d like to know via email and also if there are any other concerns  that I should be aware of.  Otherwise, I’ll assume that the workshop went according to plans. 
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Unformatted text preview: My email is: [email protected] 4. Since we will be doing these workshop three times, I’d appreciate any feedback you can provide me with to make this a more positive experience from your point of view. 5. Your group can be dismissed when each student has shared a paper or if time has run out. 6. Consultants: Thank you so much for being here and for the fantastic job you do for the Writing 150 students. We couldn’t do it without you and I truly appreciate your expertise....
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